5/Antebellum/Civil War Period


Era of Good Feelings

Ackerman, Bruce The Failure of the Founding Fathers: Jefferson, Marshall, and the Rise of Presidential Democracy
Bagnall, Norma Hayes On Shaky Ground: The New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812
Borneman, Walter R 1812: The War That Forged a Nation
Buel, Richard , Jr America on the Brink: How the Political Struggle over the War of  1812 Almost Destroyed  the Young Republic
Chadwick, Bruce I Am Murdered: George Wythe, Thomas Jefferson, and the Killing That Shocked a New Nation
Davis, William C The Rogue Republic: How Would-Be Patriots Waged the Shortest Revolution in American History
Dunn, Susan Jefferson’s Second Revolution: The Election Crisis of 1800 and the Triumph of Republicanism
Feldman, Jay When the Mississippi Ran Backwards: Empire, Intrique, Murder, and the New Madrid Earthquakes
Fitz-Enz, Colonel David Hacks, Sycophants, Adventurers, and Heroes: Madison’s Commanders in the War of 1812
Ford, Lacy K Deliver Us from Evil: The Slavery Question in the Old South
Gilje, Paul A Free Trade and Sailors’ Rights in the War of 1812
Haynes, Sam W Unfinished Revolution: The Early American Republic in a British World
Hoffer, Peter Charles The Free Press Crisis of 1800: Thomas Cooper’s Trial for Seditious Libel
Hoffer, Peter Charles The Treason Trials of Aaron Burr
Howard, Hugh Mr. and Mrs. Madison’s War: America’s First Couple and the Second War of Independence
Johnson, Steven The Invention of Air: A Story Of Science, Faith, Revolution, And The Birth Of America
Kamensky, Jane The Exchange Artist: A Tale of High-Flying Speculation and America’s First Banking Collapse
Larson, Edward A Magnificent Catastrophe: The Tumultuous Election of 1800, America’s First Presidential Campaign
Leiner, Frederick C. The End of Barbary Terror: American’s 1815 War Aginst the Pirates of North Africa
Linklater, Andro Why Spencer Perceval Had to Die: The Assassination of a British Prime Minister
Muir, Diana Reflections in Bullough’s Pond: Economy and Ecosystem in New England
Owsley, Frank L. Jr and Gene A. Smith Filibusters and Expansionists: Jeffersonian Manifest Destiny, 1800-1821
Pasley, Jeffery L The First Presidential Contest: 1796 and the Founding of American Democracy
Rasmussen, Daniel American Uprising: The Untold Story of America’s Largest Slave Revolt
Skeen, C Edward 1816: American Rising
Sloan, Cliff  & David McKean The Great Decision: Jefferson, Adams, Marshall, and the Battle for the Supreme Court
Taylor, Alan The Civil War of 1812:
merican Citizens, British Subjects, Irish Rebels, & Indian Allies
Thorn, John Baseball in the Garden of Eden: The Secret History of the Early Game
Wiencek, Henry Master of the Mountain: Thomas Jefferson and His Slaves
Wills, Garry Henry Adams and the Making of America
Wood, Gordon S Empire of Liberty: A History of the Early Republic, 1789-1815


Arana, Marie Bolivar: American Liberator
Belko, Steve The Invincible Duff Green: Whig of the West
Burstein, Andrew The Original Knickerbocker: The Life of Washington Irving
Cole, Donald B. A Jackson Man: Amos Kendall and the Rise of American Democracy
Danisi, Thomas C & John C Jackson Meriwether Lewis
Diamond, Becky Mrs. Goodfellow: The Story of America’s First Cooking School
Holloway, Marquerite The Measure of Manhattan: The Tumultuous Career and Surprising Legacy of John Randel, Jr., Cartographer, Surveyor, Inventor
Jackson, John C By Honor and Right: How One Man Boldly Defined the Destiny of a Nation
Johnson, David John Randolph of Roanoke
Kendall, Joshua The Man who Made List: Love, Death, Madness, and the Creation of Roget’s Thesaurus
Mesns, Howard Johnny Appleseed: The Man, the Myth, the American Story
Remini, Robert V. Henry Clay: Statesman for the Union
Rowe, David l God’s Strange Work: William Miller and the End of the World
Silverman, Kenneth Lightning Man: The Accursed Life of Samuel F. B. Morse
Souder, William Under a Wild Sky: John James Audubon and the Making of The Birds of America
Thompson, Bob Born on a Mountaintop: On the Road with Davy Crockett and the Ghosts of the Wild Frontier
Wallis, Michael David Crockett: The Lion of the West

Transcendental Awakening

Allgor, Catherine Parlor Politics: In Which the Ladies of Washington Help Build a City and a Government
Bernstein, Peter L. Wedding of the Waters: The Erie Canal and the Making of a Great Nation
Davis, William C Three Roads to the Alamo: The Lives and Fortunes of David Crockett, James Bowie, and William Barret Travis
Dunn, Susan Dominion of Memories: Jefferson, Madison & the Decline of Virginia
Forbes, Robert Pierce Missouri Compromise and its aftermath: slavery & the meaning of America
Goodman, Matthew The Sun and the Moon: The Remarkable True Account of Hoaxers, Showmen, Dueling Journalists, and Lunar Man-Bats in Nineteenth-Century New York
Hardin, Stephen L Texian Iliad: A Military History of the Texas Revolution
Haynes, Sam W Unfinished Revolution: The Early American Republic in a British World
Henderson, Timothy J The Mexican Wars for Independence
Hicks, Brian Toward the Setting Sun: John Ross, the Cherokees and the Trail of Tears
Holt, Michael F. The Rise and Fall of the American Whig Party: Jacksonian Politics and the Onset of the Civil War
Howe, Daniel Walker What Hath God Wrought: The Transformation of America, 1815-1848
John, Richard R Network Nation: Inventing American Telecommunications
Kinney, Brandon G The Mormon War: Zion and the Missouri Extermination Order of 1838
Knight, George R. Millennial Fever: And The End Of The World
McCullough, David The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris
McDougall, Walter A Throes of Democracy: The American Civil War Era 1829-1877
Masur, Louis P 1831: Year of the Eclipse
Montillo, Roseanne The Lady and Her Monsters: A Tale of Dissections, Real-Life Dr. Frankensteins, and the Creation of Mary Shelley’s Masterpiece
Morley, Jefferson Snow-Storm in August: Washington City, Francis Scott Key, and the Forgotten Race Riot of 1835
Morris, Charles R. The Dawn of Innovation: The First American Industrial Revolution
Newman, Richard S The Transformation of American Abolitionism: Fighting Slavery in the Early Republic
Nissenbaum, Stephen The Battle for Christmas
Oates, Stephen B The Approaching Fury: Voices of the Storm, 1820-1861
Parsons, Lynn Hudson The Birth of Modern Politics: Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams and the Election of 1828
Rediker, Marcus The Amistad Rebellion: An Atlantic Odyssey of Slavery and Freedom
Reynolds, David S Waking Giant: America in the Age of Jackson
Schulman, Arthur Websterisms: A Collection of Words and Definitions Set forth by the Founding Father of American English
Sellers, Charles The Market Revolution: Jacksonian America, 1815-1846
Smith, Daniel Blake An American Betrayal: Cherokee Patriots and the Trail of Tears
Standiford, Les The Man Who Invented Christmas: How Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol Rescued His Career and Revived Our Holiday Spirits
Stashower, Daniel The Beautiful Cigar Girl: Mary Rogers, Edgar Allan Poe, and the Invention of Murder
Tucker, Phillip Thomas EXODUS FROM THE ALAMO: The Anatomy of the Last Stand Myth
Weber, David J The Mexican Frontier, 1821-1846: The American Southwest Under Mexico
Wheelan, Joseph Mr. Adam’s Last Crusade: John Quincy Adams Extraordinary Post-Presidential Life in Congress
Woodworth, Steven E Manifest Destinies: America’s Westward Expansion and the Road to the Civil War


Ackroyd, Peter Poe: A Life Cut Short
Applegate, Debby The Most Famous Man in America: The Biography of Henry Ward Beecher
Bushman, Richard Lyman Joseph Smith Rough Stone Rolling
Coulter, E Merton William G. Brownlow: Fighting Parson
DeRose, Chris Congressman Lincoln
Donald, David Charles Sumner and the Coming of the Civil War
Fowler, Will Santa Anna of Mexico
Hatch, Thom Osceola and the Great Seminole War: A Struggle for Justice and Freedom
Hoffert, Sylvia D Jane Grey Swisshelm: An Unconventional Life, 1815-1884
Jacob, Kathryn Allamong King of the Lobby: The Life and Times of Sam Ward, Man-About-Washington in the Gilded Age
Keneally, Thomas American Scoundrel: The Life of the Notorious Civil War General Dan Sickles
McGlone, Robert E John Brown’s War against Slavery
Marshall, Megan The Peabody Sisters: Three Women Who Ignited American Romanticism
Murphy, Paul Thomas Shooting Victoria: Madness, Mayhem, and the Rebirth of the British Monarchy
Sperber, Jonathan Karl Marx: A Nineteenth-Century Life
Stahr, Walter Seward: Lincoln’s Indispensable Man
Stewart, Jules Albert: A Life
Taylor, Elizabeth Dowling A Slave in the White House: Paul Jennings and the Madisons
Turner, John G Brigham Young: Pioneer Prophet
Walther, Eric H. William Lowndes Yancey and The Coming of the Civil War

Mexican War and Sectionalism

Amanat, Abbas Resurrection and Renewal: The Making of the Babi Movement in Iran, 1844-1850
Bain, David Haward Bitter Waters: America’s Forgotten Mission to the Dead Sea
Bordewich Fergus M America’s Great Debate: Henry Clay, Stephen A. Douglas, and the Compromise That Preserved the Union
Clary, David A  Eagles and Empire: The United States, Mexico, and the Struggle for a Continent
Cliff, Nigel The Shakespeare Riots: Revenge, Drama, and Death in Nineteenth-Century America
Coogan, Tim Pat The Famine Plot: England’s Role in Ireland’s Greatest Tragedy
Dew, Charles B Apostles of Disunion: Southern Secession Commissioners and the Causes of the Civil War
Egnal, Marc Clash of Extremes: The Economic Origins of the Civil War
Feifer, George Breaking Open Japan: Commodore Perry, Lord Abe, and American Imperialism in 1853
Graber, Mark A Dred Scott and the Problem of Constitutional Evil
Greenberg Amy S A Wicked War: Polk, Clay, Lincoln, and the 1846 U.S. Invasion of Mexico
Groom, Winston Kearny’s March: The Epic Creation of the American West, 1846-1847
Halliday, Stephen The Great Stink of London: Sir Joseph Bazalgette and the Cleansing of the Victorian Metropolis
Henderson, Timothy A Glorious Defeat: Mexico and It’s War with the United States
Henkin, David M The Postal Age: The Emergence of Modern Communications in Nineteenth-Century America
Holt, Michael F The Fate of Their Country: Politicians, Slavery Extension, and the Coming of the Civil War
Holzer, Harold Lincoln President-Elect: Abraham Lincoln and the Great Secession Winter 1860-1861
Horwitz, Tony Midnight Rising: John Brown and the Raid That Sparked the Civil War
John, Richard R Network Nation: Inventing American Telecommunications
Keehn, David C Knights of the Golden Circle: Secret Empire, Southern Secession, Civil War
Kelly, John The Graves Are Walking: The Great Famine and the Saga of the Irish People
Kemper, Steve A Labyrinth of Kingdoms: 10,000 Miles Through Islamic Africa
Kirkland, Stephane Paris Reborn: Napoléon III, Baron Haussmann, and the Quest to Build a Modern City
Klein, Maury Days of Defiance: Sumter, Secession, and the Coming of the Civil War
Lehman, Christopher P Slavery in the Upper Mississippi Valley, 1787-1865: A History of Human Bondage in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin
Levine, Bruce Half Slave and Half Free: The Roots of Civil War
McMillen, Sally G Seneca Falls and the Origins of the Woman’s Rights Movement
Merry, Robert W A Country of Vast Designs: James K. Polk, the Mexican War and the Conquest of the American
Miles, Kathryn All Standing: The Remarkable Story of the Jeanie Johnston, The Legendary Irish Famine Ship
Murchadha, Ciarán Ó The Great Famine: Ireland’s Agony 1845-1852
Platt, Stephen R Autumn in the Heavenly Kingdom: China, the West, and the Epic Story of the Taiping Civil War
Puleo, Stephen The Caning: The Assault That Drove America to Civil War
Reel, Monte Between Man and Beast: An Unlikely Explorer, the Evolution Debates, and the African Adventure that Took the Victorian World by Storm
Remini, Robert V At the Edge of the Precipice: Henry Clay and the Compromise That Saved the Union
Reynolds, David S Mightier than the Sword: Uncle Tom’s Cabin and the Battle for America
Richards, Leonard L The California Gold Rush and the Beginning of the Civil War
Ricks, Mary Kay Escape on the Pearl: The Heroic Bid for Freedom on the Underground Railroad
Roberts, David Devil’s Gate: The Great Mormon Handcart Tragedy
Sanchez, Maria Carla Reforming the World: Social Activism and the Problem of Fiction in Nineteenth-Century America
Sibey, Joel H Storm Over Texas: The Texas Annexation Controversy and the Road to the Civil War
Vouri, Mike The Pig War: Standoff at Griffin Bay
Walker, Ronald W, Richard E Turley Jr., Glen M Leonard Massacre at Mountain Meadows

Civil War

Adams, Charles When in the Course of Human Events: Arguing the Case for Southern Secession
Bensel, Richard Franklin Yankee Leviathan: The Origins of Central State Authority in America, 1859-1877
Berg, Scott W. 38 Nooses: Lincoln, Little Crow, and the Beginning of the Frontier’s End
Bernstein, Iver The New York City Draft Riots: Their Significance for American Society and Politics in the Age of the Civil War
Bond, Russell S Stealing the General: The Great Locomotive Chase and the First Medal of Honor
Bynum, Victoria E The Free State of Jones: Mississippi’s Longest Civil War
Chaffin, Tom Sea of Gray: The Around-The-World Odyssey of the Confederate Raider Shenandoah
Colton, Ray C The Civil War in the Western Territories: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah
Cooling, Benjamin Franklin III The Day Lincoln Was Almost Shot: The Fort Stevens Story
Cooper, William J We Have the War Upon Us: The Onset of the Civil War, November 1860-April 1861
Cowgill, John A The Great Schism: The Dividing of Virginia during the American Civil War
Davis, William C Dixie Betrayed: How the South Really Lost the Civil War
Detzer, David Allegiance: Fort Sumter, Charleston, and the Beginning of the Civil War
DiLorenzo, Thomas The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War
Foreman, Amanda A World on Fire: Britain’s Crucial Role in the American Civil War
Furgurson, Ernest B Freedom Rising: Washington in the Civil War
Goldfield, David America Aflame: How the Civil War Created a Nation
Hessler, James A SICKLES AT GETTYSBURG: The Controversial Civil War General Who Committed Murder, Abandoned Little Round Top, and Declared Himself the Hero of Gettysburg
Holzer, Harold & Craig Symonds The New York Times The Complete Civil War 1861-1865
Huffman, Alan Sultana: The Worst Maritime Disaster in American History
Jenkins, Sally The State of Jones: The Small Southern County that Seceded from the Confederacy
Levine, Bruce The Fall of the House of Dixie: The Civil War and the Social Revolution That Transformed the South
Levinson, Marc The Great A&P and the Struggle for Small Business in America
McCurry, Stephanie Confederate Reckoning: Power and Politics in the Civil War South
McPherson, James M Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era
McPherson, James M What They Fought For 1861-1865
McPherson, James M Crossroads of Freedom: Antietam The Battle That Changed the Course of the Civil War
Manber, Jeffrey & Neil Dahlstrom Lincoln’s Wrath: Fierce Mobs, Brilliant Ssoundrels, and a President’s Mission to Destroy the Press
Manning, Chandra What This Cruel War Was Over: Soldiers, Slavery, and the Civil War
Michno, Gregory F Dakota Dawn: The Decisive First Week of the Sioux Uprising, August 1862
Miyoshi, Masao As We Saw Them: First Japanese Embassy to the United States
Neely, Mark E Jr. The Fate of Liberty: Abraham Lincoln and Civil Liberties
Petite, Mary Deborah “The Women Will Howl”: The Union Army Capture of Roswell and New Manchester, Georgia, and the Forced Relocation of Mill Workers
Prince, Cathryn J Burn the Town and Sack the Bank: Confederates Attack Vermont
Rappaport, Helen A Magnificent Obsession: Victoria, Albert, and the Death That Changed the British Monarchy
Shaffer, John W Clash of Loyalties: A Border County in the Civil War
Schecter, Barnet The Devil’s Own Work: The Civil War Draft Riots and the Fight to Reconstruct America
Ward, Andrew River Run Red: The Fort Pillow Massacre in the American Civil War


Ackerman, Kenneth Boss Tweed: The Rise and Fall of the Corrupt Pol Who Conceived the Soul of Modern New York
Barrett, S M Geronimo: The True Story of America’s Most Ferocious Warrior
Dinkelspiel, Frances Towers of Gold: How One Jewish Immigrant Named Isaias Hellman Created California
Emerson, Ken Doo-dah!: Stephen Foster and the Rise of American Popular Culture
Farwell, Byron The Man Who Presumed: A Biography of Henry M. Stanley
Gordin, Michael D. A Well-ordered Thing: Dmitrii Mendeleev And The Shadow Of The Periodic Table
Graham, Lawrence Otis The Senator and the Socialite: The True Story of America’s First Black Dynasty
Grant, James Mr. Speaker!: The Life and Times of Thomas B. Reed The Man Who Broke the Filibuster
Graysmith, Robert Black Fire: The True Story of the Original Tom Sawyer–and of the Mysterious Fires That Baptized Gold Rush-Era San Francisco
Halloran, Fiona Deans Thomas Nast: The Father of Modern Political Cartoons
Hughes, Ivor Before We Went Wireless:David Edward Hughes FRS His Life, Inventions, and Discoveries (1829-1900)
Kilborne, Sarah S American Phoenix: The Remarkable Story of William Skinner, A Man Who Turned Disaster Into Destiny
Kowsky, Francis R. Country, Park & City: The Architecture and Life of Calvert Vaux
McKivigan, John Forgotten Firebrand James Redpath and the Making of Nineteenth-Century America
Norgren, Jill Belva Lockwood: The Woman Who Would Be President
Reneham, Edward J Dark Genius of Wall Street: The Misunderstood Life of Jay Gould, King of the Rober Barrons
Solnit, Rebcca River of Shadows: Eadweard Muybridge and the Technological Wild West
Utley, Robert M. Geronimo
Wallach, Janet The Richest Woman in America: Hetty Green in the Gilded Age