There’s three sides to every story: there’s the history you were taught in school, the history the revisionist dig up and the truth.

Saturday February 25th

1304: Ibn Baṭūṭah (1304-1369) Moroccan explorer known for his extensive travel accounts.

1570: Pope Pius V excommunicates England’s Queen Elizabeth I.

1601: Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex is executed for treason.

1791: Washington signs the bill creating the Bank of the United States.

1836: Samuel Colt patents the Colt revolver.

1837: Thomas Davenport patents the electric motor.

1841: Pierre-Auguste Renoir (GILD 1841-1919) French impressionist.

1873: Enrico Caruso (MISS 1873-1921) Italian operatic tenor.

1888: John Foster Dulles (LOST 1888-1959) Secretary of State (1953-59).

1901: United States Steel is incorporated by J.P. Morgan.

1901: Zeppo Marx (GI 1901-1979) actor/inventor youngest of the Marx Brothers.

1906: Mary Coyle Chase (GI 1906-1981) playwright Harvey (1944, 1950).

1910: Millicent Fenwick (GI 1910-1992) congresswoman (R-NJ 1975-83) who was the inspiration behind Doonesbury‘s Lacey Davenport.

1911: Shoshone Mike Daggett is killed by a police posse at Kelley Creek, Nevada.

1913: The Sixteenth Amendment, authorizing income tax, is ratified.

1913: Jim Backus (GI 1913-1989) actor/voice of Mr. Magoo I Married Joan (1952-55), Rebel Without a Cause (1955), Gilligan’s Island (1964-67).

1917: Anthony Burgess (GI 1917-1993) English author A Clockwork Orange (1962).

1920: Sun Myung Moon (GI 1920-2012) Korean cult leader/founder of the Unification Church (Moonies).

1936: Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times is released.

1941: A general strike is called in Amsterdam against persecution of Jews under the Nazi occupation.

1943: George Harrison (BOOM 1943-2001) rock singer/songwriter The Beatles.

1950: Your Show of Shows (1950-54) with Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca premiers.

1956: Nikita Khrushchev’s “Secret Speech” before the 20th Party Congress condemning Stalin.

1964: Cassius Clay won the world heavyweight boxing title defeating Sonny Liston.

1971: Sean Astin (13th 1971- ) actor son of Patty Duke The Goonies (1985), Toy Soldiers (1991), Rudy (1993), The Lord of the Rings trilogy (2001-03).

1986: Philippine president, Corazón Aquino is sworn in, ending years of dictatorship under Ferdinand Marcos.

2004: Mel Gibson’s The Passion of Christ is released.

2011: Day of Rage demonstrations across the Middle East.