There’s three sides to every story: there’s the history you were taught in school, the history the revisionist dig up and the truth.

Sunday December 17th

1620: Mayflower arrives at Plymouth Rock.

1777: French government formally recognizes the United States.

1778: Humphry Davy (COMP 1778-1825) English chemist/inventor.

1790: Aztec calendar stone is discovered in Mexico City.

1797: Joseph Henry (TRAN 1797-1878) Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution (1846-78).

1807: Napoleon issues the Milan Decree, forbidding any vessel to trade with the British Empire under penalty of confiscation and impressment.

1807: Phoebe Palmer (TRAN 1807-1874) evangelist who was one of the founders of the Holiness movement.

1835: Leopold II (GILD 1835-1909) King of Belgium (1865-1909).

1843: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is published in London.

1880: Edison Electric Illuminating Company is founded.

1892: The first performance of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker in St. Petersburg.

1894: Arthur Fiedler (1894-1979) Conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra (1930-79).

1903: Wright brothers make the first successful flight of a self-propelled, heavier-than-air aircraft at Kill Devil Hills.

1903: Erskine Caldwell (GI 1903-1987) author Tobacco Road (1932), God’s Little Acre (1933).

1908: Willard Libby (GI 1908-1980) chemist who invented Carbon-14 dating.
1925: Billy Mitchell is court-martialed.

1926: Allan V. Cox (SIL 1926-1987) geophysicist whose work on dating geomagnetic reversals made a major contribution to the theory of plate tectonics.

1930: Bob Guccione (SIL 1930-2010) publisher of Penthouse (1965-2003) whose competition pushed Hugh Hefner into showing full-frontal nudity in Playboy.

1936: Edgar Bergen appears on Rudy Vallee’s radio show.

1945: Ernie Hudson (BOOM 1945- ) actor Ghostbusters (1984), The Crow (1994), Oz (1997-2003), Miss Congeniality (2000).

1956: The Supreme Court ruled for the plaintiffs in Browder v. Gayle ending the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

1969: The Air Force closes the Project Blue Book study of UFOs.

1969: Tiny Tim marries Victoria Brudinger, Miss Vicki, on The Tonight Show. They divorce in 1977.

1972: The U.S. birthrate falls below zero-growth.

1989: The animated series The Simpsons premiered on Fox.

1992: The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is signed.

1996: Japanese embassy hostage crisis (1996-97) begins in Lima, Peru.

1997: Robert Duvall’s The Apostle is released.

1999: Anna and the King is released directed by Andy Tennant, starring Jodie Foster.

2003: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is released directed by Peter Jackson.

2004: Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events is released directed by Brad Silberling, starring Jim Carrey.

2010: Extension of Bush tax cuts.

2010: A Tunisian street vendor sets himself on fire igniting Arab Spring.