There’s three sides to every story: there’s the history you were taught in school, the history the revisionist dig up and the truth.

Sunday June 26th

1721: Zabdiel Boylston inoculates his son against smallpox to demonstrate its safety.

1797: Charles Newbold patents the cast-iron plow.

1824: William Thomson, Lord Kelvin (GILD 1824-1907) mathematical physicist who formulated the First & Second Law of Thermodynamics.

1826: Adolf Bastian (GILD 1826-1905) German polymath who made contributions in psychology, anthropology and ethnography.

1870: Christmas is declared a federal holiday.

1870: The first section of the Atlantic City Boardwalk opens.

1892: Pearl Buck (LOST 1892-1973) author The Good Earth (1931).

1894: Eugene Debs’ American Railway Union called a general strike in sympathy with the Pullman Strike.

1894: Karl Benz patents the automobile.

1898: Lewis “Chesty” Puller (LOST 1898-1971) Marine Corps lieutenant general who was the most decorated Marine in American history.

1904: Peter Lorre (GI 1904-64) actor eight Mr. Moto films (1937-39), The Maltese Falcon (1941), Casablanca (1942), Arsenic and Old Lace (1944).

1909: Colonel Tom Parker (GI 1909-1997) Elvis Presley’s manager.

1914:The Italian silent film Cabiria is the first film shown at the White House

1925: Charlie Chaplin’s The Gold Rush is released.

1933: The Kraft Music Hall debuts on radio.

1945: United Nations Charter is signed in San Francisco.

1947: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir is released directed by Joseph Mankiewicz, staring Gene Tierney, Rex Harrison and George Sanders.

1948: Berlin Airlift (June 26, 1948-May 12, 1949) begins.

1948: William Shockley patents the first bipolar junction transistor.

1959: Saint Lawrence Seaway opens.

1974: Bar codes are introduced.

1975: Two FBI agents and a member of the American Indian Movement are killed in a shootout on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

1977: Elvis Presley’s final performance at the Indianapolis Market Square Arena.

1981: Dragonslayer is released directed by Matthew Robbins, starring Peter MacNicol, Caitlin Clarke and Ralph Richardson.

1992: Jennette McCurdy (MILL 1992- ) actress iCarly (2007-12), Sam & Cat (2013-14).

1993: Clinton orders attack on Iraqi intelligence in downtown Baghdad.

1997: The Supreme Court declares the Communications Decency Act unconstitutional.

2003: The Supreme Court rules in Lawrence v. Texas that sodomy laws are unconstitutional.

2013: The Supreme Court rules in United States v. Windsor that same-sex couples were entitled to federal benefits.